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Cindy Feldt

Cynthia Markel Feldt PT, MPT (she/her/hers) is the owner of Innovations Physical Therapy LLC.  She has been a physical therapist for 36 years graduating from Emory University with her Master's in Physical Therapy.   She started specializing in pelvic floor rehabilitation and women’s health 29 years ago. Her pelvic floor rehabilitation practice is not limited to women.  She is also skilled in the treatment of male pelvic pain and dysfunction as well as children’s incontinence. 

Her women’s health practice also covers the lifespan encompassing prenatal and postpartum as well as pre and post-menopause and osteoporosis treatment and education.  Ms. Feldt is presently working on her certification in women’s health functional nutrition. 


Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Cindy was a Certified Athletic Trainer.  Throughout her practice as a physical therapist, she has continued to hone her orthopedic skills in the areas of manual therapy, visceral mobilization, Pilates, and dry needling.

Ms. Feldt previously owned a private practice in Florida devoted to men, women, and children’s incontinence.  She was also employed at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville as their Clinical Program Coordinator where she created the women's health and pelvic floor programs. Ms. Feldt also developed other clinical programs and trained rehabilitation staff in orthopedic, neurologic, cancer, organ transplant, and gender-based therapies. 

Ms. Feldt has lectured to the medical community on orthopedic and topics related to pelvic floor evaluation and treatment across the United States.  In 2005, Ms. Feldt was co-editor and contributing writer for “The Pelvic Floor” published in Germany and since translated into English.  She has been published in journals and contributed to books on incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction.  

Ms. Feldt is a wife and mother to three young adults.  She enjoys traveling, exercising, the ocean and watching British television dramas.


Innovations PT

We all yearn to be heard, to feel healthy, and live without pain!  Innovations Physical Therapy was founded with a desire to offer quality specialized physical therapy where the client’s goals drive the treatments.  This is accomplished by cutting out insurance oversight and restrictions and providing treatment in a private office with one-to-one care.   

Innovations Physical Therapy is a boutique physical therapy clinic specializing in orthopedic, women’s health, pelvic floor rehabilitation and pediatric incontinence.  The clinic is attached to my residence via a separate entrance that is private and secure from the rest of the home.  As a boutique practice, Ms. Feldt is readily available to her patients via text and email. 

Innovations Physical Therapy offers individualized 60-to-90-minute evaluations and hour-long treatments free from interruptions of other patients or clinicians.   All treatments are developed based upon your needs and goals.  

The clinic operates as an out-of-network provider.  Insurance is not accepted as payment. This allows for more freedom to provide exceptional care free from insurance limitations. 

In 1993 Ms. Feldt started learning about pelvic floor rehabilitation as a specialty because a family member was suffering from incontinence. The goal was to find a non-surgical approach to resolve their symptoms.  Twenty-seven years later after numerous advanced courses and conferences, thousands of patients, research, networking, successes, and failures; Innovations Physical Therapy LLC was founded.

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